Thursday, 21 February 2013

Light filled.....


Autumn is coming I can feel it.  We have had some cold mornings this week and the odd peek of yellow and orange leaves appearing.

The official start of Autumn on the calendar is March 1st.  Little over a week away.

The summer has been glorious.  Long and hot.  With very little rain.  But I'm looking forward to a change of season, are you?

I found this photo a few days ago when sorting through some files, I can't believe I missed it.  Bell is holding tiny jelly fish in her hands that we found on the beach.  But it looks to me like she has her hands full of sunshine.  I love this photo and remember the day well.  The sun was so bright and I had trouble capturing photos without splashes of light glaring out from the photos.  I'm very much a beginner when it comes to photographing,  I know very little of the settings on my camera and don't use photoshop either.

Since I started blogging I am definately improving though and best of all  I'm taking photos of my family all the time which I never really used to do.  Capturing moments and memories.  I've been joining in on Jodi's "52 project" and am planing on doing a photobook for each of my children at the end of year.   I'm enjoying the project (so far) and have not struggled to keep up with the weekly photos.........yet, although it is very early days!

I'm due an upgrade on my camera (mine is very basic) and would love to know what you use and recommend?
Have you taken a favourite photo lately?  Put a link in the comments below, I would love to take a look.



  1. Hi there! Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog yesterday. I appreciate your encouragement and kind comments about my photography. I definitely don't think I will ever go pro! But I will continue to do family photo shoots for friends. No weddings! One was a good experience for me, but never again! ;-)
    I love my camera, it's a Canon EOS 550D. I think the 650D would be the currently available equivalent, with similar features. I love that mine takes video too. My camera suits my needs (and ability!) and if I can get a few more of the lenses on my 'wish list' I will be really happy :-)


  2. Sorry, my comment probably doesn't make much sense! I got confused because I had another new commenter the other day who was talking about my photography. But I do still appreciate your comment (about Spiderman faces) and it is always nice to get a new visitor :-)
    What kind of camera do you use now?


  3. I find it fascinating that you are entering autumn as we are coming up on spring! Crazy! I so love both of those pictures with the light shining on all of your kiddos! I need a camera desperately!!! I was told by a woman that I follow who is a photographer to go for the Canon Rebel. I think I would be up for one of these of these days!!!

  4. Oh Autumn is coming alright. Beautiful picture xx

  5. Strange to think of autumn coming when we are so longing for spring after a long hard northern hemisphere winter! I too feel that blogging is a good discipline in catching the moment, recording lives. Good luck with the photography -something I could do with learning more about myself.

  6. What a brilliant photo that is! I thought spring was here on Sunday and Monday - we had some lovely sun and some very welcome warmth in the air. BUT it's been snowing again today! I love watching out for signs of the changing seasons!

  7. I love this pic! So cute. Enjoy the sunshine : )

  8. That is a great photo!

    I had a Canon compact digital camera but upgraded to a digital SLR a couple of years ago (before the little one was born). It's a Nikon D90 and I love it (although it is a big bulkier to carry around with me). I'd like to do a course at some stage to learn how to make better use of it. I think it does take better photos, even on auto (that's what I like to tell myself) but i am starting to play around with manual settings.

  9. I want to catch the sunlight - it sounds so magical and whimsical. Bell is just gorgeous. xxx


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