Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Just peachy



Two trees laden with fruit.  One Golden Queen variety (my favourite) the other has a more red tinged skin, I'm not sure of this ones name, a common variety I think.

A few are ripe, but they still have a few more days to go.

I check them every day, we are eagerly waiting........

I'm thinking of peach tart, pies and loaves.  The Golden Queens are great for bottling.

Most will be quickly eaten while we are out in the garden I imagine.  Today we feasted on the ripe ones, straight from the trees.  They were delicious!


  1. How wonderful to go and pick fresh peaches! Yum :) x

  2. oooh, yum!!! There is nothing sweeter than peaches filled with the warmth of sunshine. Your kids are totally adorable xx

  3. Don't forget to save a slice for me!

  4. oooo i wish we had the heat, it looks so wonderful xxx

  5. SO fantastic to just go out and pick straight from your tree! I have seriously been considering putting a peach or cherry tree in the front yard! Sounds like some yummy baking!!

  6. How fantastic, It is cooler in Kaiapoi and my peach is not yet ready. I have blackboy peaches. Can't wait to eat them after looking at yours.

  7. Oh yum! How lucky to be able to grow your own!
    Sarah xx

    PS love your new header :-)

  8. Oh they look so delish! Dreaming of the day our trees are laden full :)


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