Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Peppermint cleaning paste


I prefer to use natural cleaners in our house and here is a fantastic cleaning paste recipe using peppermint essential oil.  It is a great non abbrassive cleaner for using in sinks, baths and showers.

This week I used it to give the bath toys a good clean and to remove the build up that you get with toys that are always sitting damp.  I thought the dishwasher would take care of this, but what was required was good old fashioned elbow grease.

I find it to be a good general cleaner for toys, especially if you have little ones who like to put things in their mouth all the time.

And the smell of peppermint essential oil in the house is always a bonus!

Here is what you will need:

1 cup baking soda
1 tbsp cream of tartar
10 ml liquid castile soap
(or dishwashing liquid for a less green option.)
1 ml of peppermint essential oil
5 ml water
In a bowl mix together baking soda with cream of tartar. In a jug mix 10 mls of liquid castile soap with the water.
Slowly pour into the powders and mix with a fork until you have a paste. Add more water if you need to.
Add 1 ml of peppermint essential oil and stir to combine. You may need to use a little more water to get a paste.
Store in an airtight container.

Happy scrubbing!



  1. Hi Elaina, I've just nominated you for a Liebster Award over on my Blog. No obligation at all, I just like your Blog and wanted to pass on some Blog Love :-) Mel x

  2. Hey you! I am so pinning this! Thanks for this...natural is the best!!!

  3. Bet this smells lovely, some cleaners smell awful, you can just image how much poision they contain! :) x

  4. Hello, visiting from Coal Valley view and wanted to congratulate you on the engagement. Lovely ring!

    1. Hi Liene, thank you for the warm wishes. Stop by again soon! x

  5. Ohhhh - I have to try that. I bet it makes everything smell all lovely and minty.

    Nina x

  6. Hey lady! Just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a Liebster Award on my blog...pop on over to check it out!

  7. I must try this. I'm trying to make the move from commercial cleaning solutions. I've been using eucalyptus oil and hot water for the floors (on the rare occasions I actually get the mop out) and try to get away with water and a microfiber cloth for the bathroom (the toilet is another story). Do you have a recipe for a natural oven cleaner that works? I tried a paste of bicarbonate of soda but it didn't quite do the job.

    1. I do, but have'nt tried it yet. Oven cleaning is my least favourite household job! I will find the recipe and email it to you xo

    2. I made the peppermint paste and used it on the bath and shower. It's great! Didn't need much scrubbing at all.

      I didn't have any liquid Castile soap, though (this was the first time I'd heard of it). I used some dish washing liquid (morning fresh) which gave the paste an odd fluorescent green colour.


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