Tuesday, 4 November 2014

A naughty pudding

I made this pudding.........ok...........I "assembled" this pudding on the weekend at a BBQ. It is strictly for adults this one due to it's alcohol content.

I came across the recipe in my "Nigella Express" book. It is delicious and if you like Stones Green Ginger Wine you will love it.

The recipe states it's a trifle but I would be reluctant to use a Trifle Bowl - as I can imagine the bottom layer would be too strong. I used a large shallow serving plate that had a raised edge. This way you can do one layer of sponge and get an even sponge to plonk ratio.

Now, you can make your sponge from scratch and use freshly pulped passionfruit or do what I did and grab everything from the supermarket on the way to the BBQ. I bought a store made sponge and a jar of passionfruit pulp, as they are not in season at the moment - I will definitely try fresh when I can get a hold of them.

Ginger and Passionfruit "Trifle"

You will need:

1 Small Sponge Cake - you could use lady fingers or madeleines
Stones Green Ginger Wine
Cream (250ml)
Caster Sugar or Icing Sugar - 4 teaspoons
Passionfruit pulp (x6) - or a small jar if they are not is season


Using a serving plate with a raised lip roughly break up your sponge and layer evenly in your plate/bowl.

Pour your Green Ginger Wine over your sponge pieces. I placed my finger over the end of the bottle and did a kind of sprinkling motion - if you are a "lush" then go with the pouring method. I used about a quarter of a bottle.

In a separate bowl whip your cream and 4 teaspoons of your caster sugar or icing sugar. Once the cream forms peaks, mix through about 2 tablespoons of passionfruit pulp.

Spoon the cream over your sponge. Then scatter the rest of your passionfruit pulp over the cream. Devour immediately!

The Nigella recipe used larger quantities (and an entire bottle of Stones Green Ginger Wine). I have used half the amounts. I'm going to add this to our Christmas day menu but make up individual portions in cocktail glasses (or similar).

It is a deliciously decadent pudding - give it a try, even if you just make up two small portions after dinner one night.  Enjoy!


  1. Oh my!!! Would love to make this to share and pass at our family Christmas party!! It looks delicious!! Happy day you! Nicole xo

  2. Sounds delicious, and simple too! I love ginger flavour in the winter months X

  3. Yum - I remember when I was younger pouring Stones over Vanilla ice cream, haven't had it for years now.
    Sometimes we all need a decadent treat. xx

  4. I have never made this, but always thought that it sounded delicious! xx

  5. you had me at naughty! sounds delish:)

  6. looks delicious and so easy! I'm not normally a trifle person (i hate cold custard!) but this will definitely work for me :)

  7. Oh dear I was totally with you up to the ginger wine, I'm not a fan, but it does look delicious and I'm sure some other alcohol would work just as well! I love a good assembled pudding! x

  8. I opened this post, saw your post and thought: Oh, so THIS is what I'm having for pudding this evening :-)

    1. I of course meant 'saw your photo' :-/ (still early over here)

  9. I love the look of this! Anything which calls itself a pudding but is really an assembly job is fine by me. I need to buy some ginger wine now! x

  10. Oh my goodness. That's looks so....naughty. X


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