Sunday, 23 November 2014

Afternoon tea under the trees

I hope you have had a great week.  Things here have started getting busy.  With the lead up to Christmas I have been doing extra hours at work.  Lots of things on with the kids and a wonderful work dinner Friday night with Mr H.  It was walking distance from our house which is a real novelty around here.

Saturday Bell and I spent the morning in town getting her sorted for next weeks school camp - then the plan was to spend the afternoon catching up on housework and washing..........but I nana napped instead.

I've been hoping to catch up with some friends lately, so Saturday afternoon I sent a message out saying Sunday afternoon tea at mine, 2pm - bring the kids and a plate!  Everyone said yes, so it was a quick blitz of the housework Sunday morning and some baking and sandwiches made before everyone arrived.

I haven't picked my camera up all week, so once the table was set I took a few snaps.  So glad I did as once everyone arrived the camera stayed tucked away inside.  There were platefuls of food, tea, orange juice and bubbles to be enjoyed.  The sun shone and the kids were great and played well together.........all SIXTEEN of them.  That's how many kids there were between we six mums - SIXTEEN!

It was a great ending to a really good weekend.  We are all hoping we get another catch up in before Christmas!
I hope your weekend was a happy one - what did you get up to?


  1. The table looks beautiful especially those roses in the milk glass. What a winning combination.
    A rather quiet weekend here. The weather has been stinking hot so we've been retreating indoors to escape it.

  2. What a welcoming table for your guests. All the colours look beautiful together, and I have deep crockery envy right now! X

  3. Your table is gorgeous! Those yellow blooms with the white milk glass is perfection! And how awesome that everyone hopped on over to enjoy some tea time in the garden! Sounds like one of those magical moments! Happy weekend friend! Nicole xoxo

  4. What a gorgeous table! It is so nice to see colour. My days are mostly grey and muddy. I have been meaning to comment on your last post Elaina, but time was against me. I am so glad you are ok and thank you for sharing your story. Have a lovely week. x

  5. Looks and sounds just lovely - what a great way to spend an afternoon and catch up with friends :)

  6. stunning shade of roses and a beautiful table. No doubt filled by fab baking a bit later on too.

  7. What a great idea! Your roses are beautiful as is the table setting! A wonderful time for everyone I am sure. xx

  8. That is such a nice way to end the weekend. You table looks beautiful, with all your lovely crockery and those flowers - not to mention the sun! x

  9. Hi lovely!

    If you haven't gotten a chance to pop in to the jewellers yet, I can post you a ring sizer gauge. They should be delivered today.
    Did you receive the invoice? I wasn't sure if I had the right Paypal address?
    Christina xx

  10. Impromptu get togethers are the best! Your crockery looks fab in the beautiful dappled light! x


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