Thursday, 15 May 2014

Milk glass, welcome treats and making




The colder weather is settling in and with that a little more time is spent indoors (for me anyway).
My milk glass collection is starting to take shape.  The vases are sitting with my recently potted succulents.
A few treats were enjoyed on Mothers day, breakfast in bed, chocolates (long gone) and homemade treats from the kids.  Mr H did well (although I did hint heavily) with a Maeve Binchy book and the newest My Petite Kitchen cook book.
Scraps of vintage wallpaper and tourist maps have been made into necklaces.
The wool blankets are on the beds and the fire place ready.  My slow cooker has been working over time, playing host to beef and lentil stews and Sophie's shared recipe of Country Chicken soup.  Cottage pie was enjoyed one night this week, along with creamy pasta dishes and heaving bowls of steamed mussels.
I've been baking biscuits, chocolate/coconut cake and date loaves.
The Autumn colours are still showing off as is the sweet afternoon light.
Hope you have had a good week so far? 
Tell me what you have been up to or pop in a link in the comments section so we can stop by.

Joining in here with Meg and here with Em.



  1. Looks like you have been a busy lady!

  2. Ohhh a busy week, I love milk glass but never seem to find any on charity shop travels. Cottage/shepherds or fish pie is the only thing I can have mash potato with, strange I know! I can't stand the stuff as a side. Your necklaces look great, have a good cosy weekend!

  3. How did you like the chicken soup? Isn't it perfect for crisp Autumn evenings! I'm loving the look of your necklaces Elaina. I bought some cabochons a while back with some gorgeous vintage prints... You've just reminded me that I had them and to get cracking on making them :)

    1. Loved the chicken soup Sophie - it will be a regular go to recipe over the coming months xo

  4. Sounds warm and wonderful where you are friend!! And your pictures are just so beautiful! Loving your milk glass! I have several pieces as well though yours make such a stunning vignette! Vintage wallpaper is all you had to say! Stay warm and happy fall to you! Nicole xo

  5. I really love seeing the seasons change in another part of the world. Your milk glass is so pretty, you've got a nice little collection now. All of your cooking sounds delicious, enjoy this time.

  6. I love the kiwiana combo with flax bag, map pendant and kakapo fabric - I covet them all. Bernice x

  7. Lovely to see what you have been up to, looks as though you had a great mothers day. Your necklaces are lovely! xx

  8. Not read a Maeve Binchy for ages! Love the look of that loaf...yum!

  9. I got the Petite Kitchen cookbook as a gift recently too - and have already made the sunflower herb crackers (3 times with different herbs!) and as I type I'm eating a slice of the spiced chai carrot cake - delish! Sounds like you had a lovely Mothers Day xx

  10. I love your milk glass, it's beautiful. That cook book looks nice, I don't think I've seen that one over here. It's all autumnal cosiness on your blog, it looks and sounds perfect. x

  11. What a lovely blog you have. I have one piece of milkglass that was given to me by my grandmother. It's in a cabinet. Perhaps I should showcase it somehwhere. Happy belated mothers day to you.

  12. Happy belated Mother's day! What lovely gifts to have received- that mother bunting is truly the cutest! Although it's now Summer here, it still feels autumnal, the cold, wet and damp is lingering from a very stormy spring! Not near as cozy as your pictures!

    I love your milk glass... it is so pretty on you mantel! Perfect beside the succulents!! Hazel x

  13. I do love the milk glass your collecting, I never see any in the UK.....I've been playing with my wallpaper again too! :) x


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