Saturday, 3 May 2014

The garden share collective - May

These monthly posts seem to come around really quickly.  Even though we haven't had the rainfall that we had last month, there has been a very noticeable growth in the newer vegetable garden - you can really see the difference.  Last months rain and the manure and compost have given this crop a really good start.

I also ticked the scarecrow off my to do list.  We still want to make another one for the vegetable garden that sits under the apricot tree.  I have added some compost to this garden too and with the sheep having newly arrived in the vineyard next door for the winter months I will be scooping up the poo and adding to both vegetable gardens throughout winter.

I haven't put up any covers yet but have sprayed my plants with a homemade chilli and garlic spray which I think may be working as there is minimum chomping going on.

Growing in the garden I have:

Celery - I've been adding this to lots of meals throughout the week.
Carrots - my first crop has been harvested and a new crop has been planted.
Broccoli - newly planted
Savoy cabbage
Spinach - newly planted

Herbs - parsley, flat leaf parsley, coriander and a rosemary hedge.

Expecting to harvest/sow:

Strawberries - with the still warm weather around we are still getting these delicious berries.

To do list:

Monthly weeding and soil turning.
Another spray of my chilli and garlic spray.
Sheep poo in both gardens.
Watering, we haven't had much rain these past few weeks.

Happy gardening!


Joining in with Lizzie from Strayed from the table.

"The Garden Share Collective is a group of bloggers who share their vegetable patches, container gardens and the herbs they grow on their window sills. Creating a monthly community to navigate through any garden troubles and to rival in the success of a good harvest we will nurture any beginner gardener to flourish. Each month we set ourselves a few tasks to complete by the next month, this gives us a little push to getting closer to picking and harvesting. The long-term goal of the Garden Share Collective is to get more and more people gardening and growing clean food organically and sustainably."



  1. Your garden is looking lovely. I am excited to be joining in for the first time this month. xxoo

  2. I am jealous! I would love to have a garden, but the deer would eat it all!

  3. There can't be many people who have scoop sheep poo from the vineyard to add to the garden on their to do list!! It all looks as though it is growing really well. xx

  4. You have so much wonderful variety. It sounds like you have a good plan for everything too. You're a great gardener!

  5. Your garden is looking great! Your greens are growing really well!

  6. I just love celery at the moment. I gently cook it down in butter and a tiny tiny amount of water. Salt and pepper for seasoning and a good drop of cream. Yum. Unfortunately, my celery comes from the supermarket but maybe one day I'll grow my own. You are a gifted gardener, you really are. Enjoy the last of the strawberries (I am waiting for our first). xx

    1. Yum! That sounds so good, will have to give it a try. My celery doesn't look like the supermarket ones, it's really thin but does the job. Thank you for the lovely comments, I'm improving when it comes to gardening. Lots of trial and error xo

  7. You've been getting strawberries too?! I couldn't believe it when I saw some on my plants! Loving your scarecrow too :-)

    1. I know right?! Can't believe we are still getting them. I forget they are there but the kids are always looking for them and come inside with handfuls or red ones xo

  8. you garden looks wonderful!! and we even got a surprise harvest of strawberries too!!

  9. Your garden is looking great & the scarecrow really sets it off well.

  10. wow your veggies have really done well in the last month. My celery is taking a while to get going, I think it didnt like the hot weather but our weather is cooling down a bit now. Do you just cut stalks off when you need them? that recipe for creamed celery sounds quite decadent... How awesome to go and pick up free fertilizer right next door.

  11. A scarecrow. yes, I NEED a scarecrow. Yours is beautiful, simple, and pure scarecrow. Thank You!


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