Friday, 7 March 2014


Birthday treats from my sister.  She didn't know that I love Orla Kiely- but thought the patterns were very Retro and that I would love them.  So very right.  I'm going to pop these on my sewing table for storing buttons and threads.  Too good to store leftovers in I think?!

Flowers that last - Mr H delivered these to me last Friday and they are still going strong........

Favourite breakfast at the moment.  Avocado and tomato on Vogel's toast with sea salt and cracked pepper.  Washed down with an almighty mug of sugary sweet tea.

Tom sat these two together on the chair in my room and covered them with a scarf.  Love seeing this gentle side to boys, instead of throwing them around the room.  "They can be friends, mum".
You may have seen the portrait of my three for week nine of the Portrait Project here.  This is where we had our tea Saturday night.  On the first day of Autumn.  There was a very cool sea breeze blowing but the light was glorious.

This week was the first time I have not had to pop a carton of eggs in with the groceries.  At the moment we are getting an egg or two a day from our bantams.  We currently have four ladies, and am hoping to add another two.  I love being able to hear them clucking about as they fossick around in the grass.  They are funny things, and there is most definitely a bossy one in the mix and that would be Betty.  I think her name suits her.

Hiding under the asparagus bed..........

Chicken run!

One of our new girls.

Movie night - I bought Pride and Prejudice over a week ago and finally got to watch it last night.  After much eye rolling and commentary from Mr H he sat at his laptop and popped his ear plugs in.  Amy I thought of you when Basildon House was featured - lucky you for being able to work there.

Tonight Bell and I are going to watch Beaches (insert rolling of eyes here), eat chocolate and hopefully enjoy the movie in peace and quiet!  Love a girls movie night.

Happy weekending!

"I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something you can be thankful matter how simple it is."

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  1. Ooooh everything looks great, I just love those oral kiely containers, lucky you. And your chooks... Those photos are beautiful.

  2. I'm loving your birthday goodies and your lovely ladies! I also have the dream of backyard eggs. One day. Beaches Oh dear Lord how I love that movie! I'm always a blubbering mess at the end. Enjoy it with a block of chocolate xxx

  3. Lovely post. Fabulous tins.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  4. I love Orla too! I was tempted to get a set of her bedsheets not so long ago but the budget didn't stretch far enough :(
    I also love seeing a sensitive side to fellas, i don't often see it here, but when i do i melts my heart.
    Loving those chookies, such characters….and that stone fruit…arhhhh. Glorious corner of the world Elaina.
    Happy weekend x

  5. So jealous of your eggs! This week I had to actually buy a carton of eggs. The shock! Seems Pav ( short for pavlova, my White Leg Horn) has gone on strike. The other two are slack and have not started yet

  6. Your yard with the hens is a dream! Did I really see apricots ripening on one of your trees? I just love them but they are so hard to come by that I rarely eat apricots these days.

    1. They are golden queen peaches. They have the most incredible scent. We have two apricot trees that ripen just before Christmas. Thankfully, as both peaches and apricots are expensive to buy. xo

  7. Such lovely happies and a great present from your sister and another great one from you hubby!! Hope that you are enjoying the journey into autumn. xx

  8. I am loving your things your loving. How awesome is the picture of the children enjoying chips by the seaside? I love it. The hens free-ranging around are great and your flowers are stunning. have a great weekend xx

  9. Love the photos my fav is your children by the beach. I love the mivie Beaches never get tired of it :))

  10. so jealous of your Orla Kiely!!! Beautiful photos x

  11. A lovely post, it looks & sounds that you have had a good week!

  12. I thoroughly agree with your quote. That is why every Tuesday I write a Thankful Tuesday post - there IS always something to be thankful for. I'm excited for you about your chickens - its really great to not have to buy eggs from the store.

  13. Yum - nothing beats the taste of fresh eggs. Love Pride and Prejudice - if you can get it from your library, the BBC series with Colin Firth is well worth watching too - I think it was about 5 hours. Lovely flowers, glad you had a great birthday.

  14. All such lovely things!
    I too love Orla Kiely.
    And toast with yummy toppers.
    And movie nights that involve chocolate!

    I hope you have a great weekend!

  15. Great to have you linking in again this week. Those containers are lovely - and a belated happy birthday to you! Love fish n chips by the beach - which reminds me we never got around to actually doing that this summer - wonder if we will still have enough warm still nights to give it a whirl before the nights close in - hope so! Yay for home-grown eggs too :-) xx

  16. Looks like a lovely life indeed! I love having fresh really is the simple things in life that bring the most joy!

  17. Those Orla Kiely canisters are amazing, love the colour and the patterns. Boys and dolls, so sweet to tuck them in. Gorgeous photos. Jo xx


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