Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Happy mail

According to my amazing Swap partner Lisa from Sprouting Creative Wings, that's what you call Swap mail.  And she is right.  Nothing nicer than going to the letter box for some good old fashioned snail mail.

Here are my wonderful goodies from the Send a Little Love Swap.  I was so blown away by everything Lisa had put together, well and truly spoilt.  And the doll - vintage sheet bloomers, dress and sash.  Love her.  Along with the handmade doll where baking ware, a jam recipe book, beautiful scented soap, chocolate, quilt pattern and fabric.

Thank you so very much Lisa, for putting together such a beautiful swap parcel xo

Note to self...........do not open swap parcels when children are around.  As there is always chocolates or sweets of some description and you will no doubt feel obliged to share.

You can click here to see what Lisa received from me.
Thank you to Tracy for organising such a great swap.



  1. you are very welcome my friend !! pleasure putting a swap parcel together for you ..I remember reading your jam post and remembered that little book in the newsagent hehehe .

    I love that we love simular things !! I loved watching this doll come to life !

    yes my children are the same ! My oldest stole my hocky pocky chocolate .Gah hehehe

    p.s your surrounding is BEAUTIFUL ♥

  2. WOW! Just wow. One of the most amazing swap packages I have ever seen. Such an amazing doll too.

  3. Fabulous swap package. I have to hide my treats from my children too. LOL

  4. those Tim Tam bites are awesome! We've got a ban on buying them. Such lovely swap goodies! Happy mail is the best.

  5. Lisa is a complete gem isn't she !! That doll is just gorgeous :) glad you were spoilt - I'm looking for some more swaps

    1. Hi Cat, I have just signed up for a Vintage recipe swap over at Butter and Buntings xo

  6. Wow! watch a lovely assortment! The doll is just beautiful! I need to start blogging again and do some lovely swaps like this x

  7. Beautiful doll, just delicious! :) x

  8. What a wonderful parcel, next time I see a swap I'm going to join in if it is applicable to where I live. You have received some lovely things!

  9. The doll's face is so precious - those rosy cheeks! It is like Christmas at your place!

  10. Wow that is one amazing package! Lucky!

  11. What an outstanding package friend! And she is just adorable! And I can so see you putting that jam book to use! Happy week to you! Nicole xoxo


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