Friday, 22 November 2013

Elephant and Bird toy review..........and a treat for readers

We have been lucky enough to review the Elephant and Bird toy camera.  I have been eyeballing it since the linen review and giveaway - you can see that here.

Perfect for adventurers!

Or budding wildlife photographers..........

It reminds me of a cricket bat that my Grandad made for us when we were little.  He had a shed that he used to hang (hide) out in, he pottered about in there and loved making things.  The bat was simple, smoothed by hand and the perfect child size.
This toy camera is all those things too. We have a good mix of plastic fantastic and wooden toys,  I love wooden toys so something like this is a wee delight.  It is so tactile with its light weight smooth wood, simple design and the most delicious soft leather strap.
Thank you to Jo at Elephant and Bird for sending this to us.  We love it and know that it will be well used for many years to come.
And as a treat for readers you can shop online in their Etsy store and receive 15% off your order - perfect for doing a bit of Christmas shopping or for a treat for yourself.
Just type in COUNTRYLOVE when completing your order at check out!
(Take a look at the handmade leather notebooks - gorgeous!)

Check out Elephant and Bird here!


  1. Gorgeous! I (Noah) was lucky enough to win the same camera via a Heart Felt giveaway a while back! He loves it ... I need to check back at their store though ... I'm sure I could find some awesome Chrissy pressies there :)

  2. This camera is just gorgeous. Though I have a feeling my daughters will still be drawn to my camera like a magnet whenever I try to use it!!

  3. I've had my eye on those cameras for ages, I think my two might be a bit old for it now. But I'd love one just sitting on display!

  4. How cool is this camera!!! My kids would love this!!! I hope you have a great weekend!!

  5. oh, this is cool. what a fun toy! my kids have been growing up with me always snapping photos and i think they'd like to have their own! i love that it's wood, too... i'm all about wooden toys. getting tired of having so much plastic laying around my house!

    nice blog :) glad to have found it. you have beautiful children!


  6. What a sweet face your little man has. Mine love imaginative play too.....although lately they have taken to making real films- quite historical! x


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