Friday, 29 November 2013

Gardening at dusk

Last night after dinner, baths and general tidying I wandered outside to water the garden.
I had a look at the box of vege plants I had bought and decided that there is no time like the present, put on my gardening gloves and off I went.
We have a raised garden bed that sits under one of the apricot trees.  I was planning on turning it into a sandpit for the boys, but after removing the cover and seeing how rich the soil was I decided it would be perfect for vegetables.
The current vege patch is home to the cabbages, which are thriving.  The soil is just not in great condition.  It needs a few months of mulching and such to get it up to scratch.
I planted lettuce, carrots, silverbeet, tomatoes, cucumber, capsicum, broccoli and cauliflower.  And new to me watermelon and rock melon.  I companion planted so hopefully it will thrive.  The soil drains well and it has the added bonus of sitting under the apricot tree which will give it much needed shade over the hot summer months.
It was a nice time of day to garden, there was a cool breeze blowing and I stayed outside till dark.
Fingers crossed for a bumper crop!
Happy weekending lovelies!


  1. I hope that all of your little veggies do really well, they look very happy in their new home. xx

  2. I often find the evenings the prefect time to get outside and tend the vegie garden.
    In the coming months your garden will be an abundance of green i'm sure. x

  3. That sounds so lovely. Its dark by 4 here and freezing cold - we hardly venture into the garden lately. Good luck with your veggies. X

  4. Lovely and peaceful! And You'll no doubt enjoy the goodies you grow!

  5. The evenings are definitely the best time to be in the garden, once the worst heat of the sun goes away! I tried watermelons and rockmelons last year for the first time, I failed lol I would love to try again!
    Good luck with your crop!

  6. We have been doing some gardening at dusk too as the days grow hotter. The soil in your raised bed looks so nice, Wish ours looked as good!!

  7. Dusk is my favourite time to enjoy and appreciate a garden after a long hot day. Looking like you are going to have some great veggies to enjoy.

  8. We've recently started our vegetable garden also. So great to grow your own with young children. Have you heard of The Garden Share Collective run by The Strayed Table. It's a monthly post linking to others who also have their own vegetable gardens at home. I'm about to post my second blog post for it this Monday. A great way to keep motivated and remove all those pesky weeds before your monthly photos!!

  9. My fingers are crossed friend!!!! Look at that beautiful garden!!! I so love that you had time to take in this beauty! I can not wait to see your crop!!! All the best to you this weekend! Nicole xoxo

  10. Everything is growing nicely so far. In the summer, the evening is one of my favorite times of day. The kids are in bed and I have some time to wander around in the yard looking at my plants and flowers. It's a nice way to wind down after the busy day.


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