Friday, 29 August 2014

This weekend I want to...........

Bake a cake.  A delicious orange Madeira cake that up until now has been on my wish list, due to the fact that it requires 8 eggs.  Yes EIGHT eggs!  Now the chickens are going great guns with the egg laying I have a huge pile of eggs to use up.  Madeira cake here I come.

Get to work in the vegetable garden.  I need to put down some compost and manure, dig it in and turn the soil.

Head to the garden centre.  Potted colour and vegetable seedlings are on my list.

Finish a small garden project.  Thanks to inspiration from Nicole over at My Garden Diaries, I have a neglected corner of the back yard that needs a bit of a makeover.  Nicole has the most beautiful garden, with lots of interesting things going on.  So I'm going to transform that little corner of the garden into something relaxing and useable.

Go out for dinner.  Mr H and I have family booked in Saturday night to have the kids, so we will head into town for dinner.  I'm hoping cocktails will feature heavily, although I dread it may be my turn to drive.

That's my list for the weekend.  Entertaining children and hanging out mountains of washing will be added to the mix as well.  Things have been a little busy round her lately so I'm really looking forward to the weekend.  If I could have some blue sky thrown in to, that would be just perfect.

What do you have planned?

*photo taken just over a week ago - in our front yard peeking over the hedge towards the hills.


  1. Two intensive days of urgent university study before heading 6 hours south to uni for 3 days from Monday. And avoiding colds that two in the household have - i won't be impressed if i do catch one. Husband can do everything else... Gardening and cocktails sound way more fun!

  2. A quiet one for me I hope, as September is looking very busy! Enjoy your evening out X

  3. Going to the beach, maybe. Mountains of washing, definitely. :-/
    Beautiful skies there, by the way. xxx

  4. More enjoying myself on holiday in Amsterdam!

  5. It sounds like a great weekend, I hope that you really enjoy your dinner! xx

  6. What a great list. I have plans for an night alone with my husband while the children stay with their grandparents. I'm beside myself with excitement but I don't even know what we'll do yet. Definitely child-free dinner out, that's for certain. :)

  7. Ah man friend!!! Thank you so much for the made my heart smile! Such a sweetie you are!! I hope you knock everything off that list! Can't wait to see all of your garden goodness! Hugs to you sweet friend! Nicole xoxo

  8. Umm 8 egg cake...yum... Hope you have a fabulous meal out with lots of cocktails :)

  9. I really like the sound of your weekend and I hope you are managing to do those things. Can you not get a taxi from your home into town, or is it too far? Living in a city, I've grown so accustomed so easily being able to get a taxi or bus if I don't want to drive, I'll have such a shock if we ever move. Either way, I hope your meal out was wonderful. x

    1. Downside to living in the country is you need to take out a small bank loan if you want to hire a taxi, ha! x

  10. Sounds like you were planning a big happy weekend :) Hope it was all you hoped! xx

  11. I hope you got through your list! It sounds like a perfect weekend to me! :-)

  12. That's a great list hope you manage it all! :) x

  13. Baking, pottering, cocktails and no kids for a bit! Sounds like my kind of weekend!! Hope it all went to plan my dear. Hazel x


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